Janet Markham Bennett Cozy Thrillers by Diana Xarissa

Janet Markham Bennett Cozy Thrillers

Janet Markham Bennett Cozy Thrillers by Diana Xarissa (#1-2)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6 MB

Diana has lived in several US states, the north of England and the Isle of Man. While she is currently in the US, she still misses the stunning scenery, wonderful people and fascinating history that make the Isle of Man so unique.

1. The Armstrong Assignment
Janet Markham’s wedding day is perfect in every way, and she can’t imagine anything better than spending two weeks in Paris and two weeks in Venice on her honeymoon. Less than twenty-four hours later, though, her husband, Edward Bennett, has gone missing. The last thing Janet is going to do is sit around and wait for him to come back. It isn’t long before she’s managed to get herself tangled up in Edward’s assignment, whether he wants her there or not. Can Janet help Edward protect Bobby Armstrong from whoever is trying to kill him? Can they both keep up the pretense that they’ve never met before? Or will Edward’s handler, Mr. Jones, get Janet sent back to Doveby Dale before she can do anything at all?

2. The Blake Assignment
Getting a man from London to Edinburgh doesn’t sound as if it’s going to be a very difficult assignment for Janet and Edward Bennett, not even if the man is somewhat particular about how he gets from one place to another. They are surprised and not happy when the man in question invites his new girlfriend to come along on the journey.

As the assignment gets both more convoluted and increasingly dangerous, Janet starts to wonder if anyone can be trusted. Edward doesn’t wonder. He simply stops sharing their plans with everyone until he can make some plans of his own.

Can Janet and Edward get Maxwell Blake and his laptop to Edinburgh safely? Is Maxwell’s new girlfriend, Cressida, working for the enemy or is she truly just crazy in love with Maxwell? And who is the mysterious American stranger who seems to be following them wherever they go?


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