Jezebel Found by B.A. Childs

Jezebel Found

Jezebel Found by B.A. Childs (Broken Halos MC Book 1)
English |2021 | Romance| ePUB | 3.2 MB

Being a female Latino president and founding member of the Broken Halos MC is the least of my issues right now.
My Grammy once told me my mother called me the daughter of Satan, and it may be true.
Another MC has ridden into our territory and their President, Lucifer, says he has come to protect me. According to him there is a cartel out for payment of a long outstanding debt owed to them. The payment is me.
For every truth Lucifer tells me, I get the feeling there is more he isn’t saying.
Am I worried?
I wasn’t, until bodies begin piling up.
As for Lucifer’s VP, Ghost, why am I feeling things I never have before? Is he just playing me, so I’ll go along with his president’s story, or does he really want to be with me?
I can’t believe it’s her.
When my prez, Lucifer said we were going hunting for bait to take down the cartel who destroyed his life, I had no idea what we were going to find.
Neither did he.
I’ll play my part, but now I’m torn between loyalty to my club, and the beautiful woman president of the Broken Halos MC.
She’s no longer a shy, introverted girl, but a grown woman who has been through hell.
To reach our goal, Lucifer and I might have to send her back there.

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