Journals: The Knights Templar Pipeline by Jensen Winchester

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Journals: The Knights Templar Pipeline by Jensen Winchester (The Pipeline #1)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

For centuries, the conspiracy theories surrounding the Knights Templars and Illuminati have thrived. But, what if that’s all they are, theories? What if they were an elaborate plan to hide something else?

Events through time are recorded and seen as just that, historical events. In 2005, the birth of big data and machine learning, allowed a freelance researcher by the name of Jack Tanner to sift through petabytes of data and find correlations between these events using an algorithm he had developed. Suddenly, a discovery made years before has a different meaning when viewed with the knowledge that they are linked to other events or people.

A journey of discovery is triggered by a letter and suspected of being written by a famous inventor and a known Freemason. Jack’s algorithm links the message to other Freemasons, casting a different light on their communications’ true meaning. Knowledge passed on through time, connecting the First Crusade to the modern-day Freemasons and their real intention. What were they hiding, and why?

Jack teams up with Isabella Acorn, the Lead Researcher from the American Museum of Natural History, to follow the trail of clues through the ages. Their journey tests their understanding of events and leads them down a path that puts them on a collision course with those who intend to use the discovery for nefarious activities.

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