Journey of a Butterfly by Mia Kun

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Journey of a Butterfly by Mia Kun (Thornfield #1)
English | 2020|Children/Young Adult| ePUB | 1.4 MB

Gossip Girl meets Centre Stage in this emotional and intense debut about a ballet prodigy who will have to face the world outside her dance bubble and make a life altering decision between her emotions and her passion.

Losing a bet is one thing; losing yourself is a whole different story.

Katherine Shaw’s childish fear got her into making an innocent bet with her best friend, Alex, which landed her at Thornfield Academy when The Royal Ballet was ready to offer her a contract and fulfil her destiny of becoming the youngest prima ballerina.

Instead of facing the competitiveness of the ballet company, Kat has to face the real world and get a taste of everything she was missing out including all the jealousy, fake friends and a life changing first love.

Eventually she needs to decide if her love for Will can overpower her love for ballet and ultimately, she will have to choose between them.

Meanwhile, Alex was running away from himself. Choosing Thornfield, the furthest school possible was supposed to give him a fresh start. But new beginnings come at a price.

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