Just Business by Sidney Bristol

Just Business

Just Business by Sidney Bristol (Aegis Group Dangerous Ladies #1)
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Konstantin Titov built his empire with one goal in mind: to protect his daughter from his past. Ten years ago he left his father’s compound in Siberia with an infant and a dream to live free from the criminal world his father thrives in. These days the biggest threat facing him is trying to not fall in love with the woman who completes his chosen family.

Haley Griffin knows she’s sitting on a bomb. A couple, in fact. It’s just a matter of which one blows up in her face first. Will it be her unquenchable desire for her boss? Or maybe the fact that she’s doing her job and the nanny’s? Life as live-in security was supposed to be easy, but no one warned her about the dangers of falling in love.

The delicate family balance is upset when Konstantin’s past comes knocking. Haley is the only person Konstantin can trust to have his back, but being on the run together means facing the fact that he’s very much in love with her. Together they’ll face down an old threat and a new enemy all in the name of love and family.

Wednesday. Home, Arlington, VA.

Haley peered into Ivana’s room, but the elderly nanny had already retired for the evening.


Lately every time Haley needed help, or an out like tonight, Ivana left her high and dry.

“Relax, it’s just like every other movie night,” Haley muttered to herself.

Except tonight they’d be watching a movie in Konstantin’s living room. With him.

It was innocent, really it was. And yet, Haley felt herself getting sucked into something. Lately this whole job seemed to operate that way. Her one and only focus should be Zasha’s safety. Instead, Haley had to divide her attention between home duties, safety, monitoring school work and entertaining Zasha.

The job was too much. The lines were blurred. She was feeling the strain.

Haley stopped in the hall, closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath.

She loved Zasha with all her heart. Kids hadn’t ever been her thing, but Zasha was special. She was full of wonder and joy that reminded Haley to live life, when she got a minute to herself.

“Haley, come on.” Zasha burst out of her room dragging her new throw blanket. “We don’t want to be late!”

Haley laughed and allowed Zasha to pull her along.

A whole evening with Konstantin and Zasha.


Haley snagged the basket of snacks on their dash through the main room. Zasha opened the adjoining door between the two condos and dragged her in. Haley stepped over the threshold and into Konstantin’s domain.

The room smelled of him. Woodsy. Masculine.

Konstantin stood in the narrow kitchen looking out over the rest of the main space. His arms were braced on the marble countertops. Unlike earlier, he wore a T-shirt that showed off the corded muscle in his lean arms. The lights shining down on him picked up the strands of gold in his light brown hair that fell forward over his brow and his warm gaze took them both in.

“There’s my girl.”

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