Justice Comes Due by Michael Todd , Michael Anderle

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Justice Comes Due

Justice Comes Due by Michael Todd , Michael Anderle (Birth Of Heavy Metal Book 7)
English | 2019 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 367 Kb

Justice Comes Due : Sometimes the good guys win and the bad guys end up dead.
But that isn’t how it always goes down. In the ZOO, you are either fast and lucky or you are dead.
Heavy Metal has a few videos that are out gaining attention in parts of the world, and that doesn’t bode well for them.
Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle…
Some people are noticing that Sal and his team have someone extra-special working with them, and they want a piece of her…or all of her.
This time, it’s back to basics for Heavy Metal with just Sal, Madigan, and Courtney.
Are they enough to save their friend?
When the enemy is better than you, move to a fighting ground you have more experience in. The ZOO is agnostic—it will kill everyone it can.

“Thank you, Jorge,” she replied with a smile and stroked his wrist gently as he turned away. While she wasn’t interested now, it didn’t mean she wouldn’t be in the future. She would consider it an investment.

He smiled at her before he returned to the house. She picked the phone up and glanced at the number to confirm it wouldn’t be traceable. It met her expectations, mainly because she had invested a great deal of money into making sure that was the case. She had insisted that she receive this call since the pilots tended to be a little paranoid about who listened in on their operation and had balked when she made it a not-negotiable condition. There was no way in hell she would trust a complete stranger with critical information. The hundred thousand Euros that had arrived in their bank accounts made them more amenable to her stipulations—and, hopefully, capable of following her directives without argument. They had to call her to obtain the code that would enable them to fulfill the mission and be paid.

After all the uncertainty that had surrounded her since this whole debacle had started, it now appeared that it would finally reach the logical conclusion. She wanted to be sure it actually happened. “


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