Justice Won by Kim Pritekel

 Justice Won

Justice Won (Wynter Series Book 3) by Kim Pritekel
English | 2021 |Romance FF| ePUB | 7.1 MB

Kim Pritekel is a published author living in Denver, Colorado. She is also a very popular online author of many novels, novellas and short stories. She is the Royal Academy of Bards 2005 Hall of Fame Author.

In 1890, seventeen-year-old Justice Kilkoyne and her mother, Ninny, are one bad decision away from living on the streets of Azrael, Pennsylvania. Ninny’s propensity for the bottle has left Justice to play the adult, her androgynous good looks helping her pass as a young man to gain employment and keep them—if just barely—above water.

Determined to find a better life for them, Justice saves every penny to get them on a train headed west to the sunshine of California. Before they can leave, the bigotry of one shopkeeper sends Justice on the run, chased by the police for a crime she didn’t commit and straight into the unwitting arms of a stunning young prostitute, who, after an unexpected connection, becomes Justice’s Angel.

The day arrives to leave Pennsylvania for good. As Justice and Ninny get settled, they’re surprised by the appearance of Angel, also wanting to start anew. When the trip is violently interrupted in Colorado, Angel just may be lost to Justice forever.

Can Justice find a new life when she makes her way to the fledgling mining town of Wynter, Colorado? Can her heart ever be whole again?


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