Karma by Monique Jewell Anderson

Karma by Monique Jewell Anderson
English | 2019| General Fiction| ePUB | 1.8 MB

The sudden death of an alcoholic, lying and manipulative mother sets off a chain of events that forces two worlds to eventually collide, releasing secrets and pain that could change lives for everyone involved.
Janice Williams is finally living the life that she’s always dreamed. A respected dean of a university, with an adoring husband, she is finally happy — except for the hole in her heart that remains from a long ago tragedy.
Nicole Henry is enjoying the carefree life of a college student, until her adoptive parents announce they’re divorcing and tapped out financially. Desperate, Nicole is forced to turn to one of her professors, unaware that Jeffrey Larson (aka Lars) is running his own masterful game – one seeking a vengeance that will draw both women into his world.


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