Kayla’s Trick by Jean Grainger

Kayla's Trick

Kayla’s Trick by Jean Grainger (The Tour Series Book 6)
English | 2020 |General Fiction| ePUB | 1.6 MB

When Conor’s dream for Castle Dysert is facing ruin by circumstances outside his control he refuses to be beaten. Surely there must be a way to save everything they’ve worked so hard for?
Then, as all hope seems lost, a solution in the form of a reality TV show called ‘Grandma says we’re Irish’ presents itself. The producers are convinced Conor is just the man they need to host the show, and what better setting than the gorgeous castle, but is will this new venture save Castle Dysert or destroy it?
A bunch of so-called celebrities are installed, all looking for their Irish roots, and the cameras are rolling, but not everyone is as they seem, and soon, Conor finds himself stuck in the middle of something that even he can’t manage.


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