kDira’s World Anthology by K.R. McClellan

kDira's World Anthology

kDira’s World Anthology: kDira’s World Chronicles (1-3) by K.R. McClellan
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.2 Mb

kDira’s World Anthology :For the first time, all three books of the kDira’s World Chronicles are available in one publication!

Some people are born to greatness; others have it thrust upon them. kDira never wanted to be the leader of the Blackhorn tribe, but when she returned after a patrol to find her tribe all but wiped out by the bloodthirsty Karn, she knew she had to take action.

The human world was crumbling in the years after the Great Cloud. It was not about technology or weapons of mass destruction, nor was it just about survival, not anymore. Now it was about saving the human species.

While the natural world itself was thriving, plant life retaking the lands that were once covered in thriving metropolises, the human race quickly discovered that most of the females had become infertile by whatever evil had been launched into the Great Cloud. Now, with only a few breeders to go around, the fight was no longer for territory or gold, but for those capable of perpetuating the species.

With only a few Blackhorn left, kDira set out on a suicide mission to get the Blackhorn breeders back from the Karn. She quickly learns who she can trust, and who she cannot.

“General Tutower nudged one of the archers and pointed to the sentry.  Without a word, the archer readied an arrow and sighted in on the sentry.

“Fire!” the General whispered.  Without hesitation, the arrow flew, and the sentry fell backwards behind the wall.

“Charge!” the General yelled, and suddenly the forest erupted into a frenzy of war whoops and the sound of a hundred Karn advancing through the woods.

The ladder bearers were first to the wall, and almost as quickly, the rest of the Karn behind them began to scale the walls.  They met no resistance as they crossed over the top and onto the walkway below.

From above, a Karn archer saw one of the Blackhorn villagers tending to the fallen sentry, confused by what had happened.  Before the villager realized that they were under attack, she was silenced by an arrow through her heart.

Several Karn dropped down from the wall and quickly unbolted the gate, allowing easy access to the waiting army outside.  The villagers awoke to the sound of screaming and charging Karn.  The warriors in the village scrambled to make ready, but as soon as they stepped outside of their huts they were cut down with a sword through their heart, or a windpipe sliced from behind.”


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