Kemp by Jonathan Lunn


Kemp by Jonathan Lunn: The Castle in the Marsh (Arrows of Albion #3)
English | 2019 | Historical Fiction | ePUB | 1.8 Mb

Kemp : Dirt, blood and iron: an unputdownable medieval epic for fans for M.K. Hume and Matt Harffy.

France, 1351-2: Kemp and his men are captured in a skirmish near Calais, and subsequently imprisoned in a French castle. All attempts at escape are punished with death. Then Sir Hugues de Beauconray comes to Kemp with an offer: escort a Dominican friar on a quest to steal a mysterious book from an abbey in Scotland. Fail, and ten of Kemp’s friends will be hanged.

In the hotly-disputed border country, Kemp will need all his skills as a swordsman and archer if he is to return to France and rescue his comrades. But more importantly, survive…

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