Kestrel Class by Toby Neighbors

Kestrel Class

Kestrel Class by Toby Neighbors (Kestrel Class Saga Book 1)
English | 2019 | Sci / fi | ePUB | 455 Kb

Kestrel Class : For self-taught engineer Ben Griminski, life is perilous and hard. Living on the junk world of Torrent Four, Ben scours the vast fields of trash, wreckage, and derelict ships in search of anything of value while avoiding the Salvage Scalpers, a gang that takes whatever it wants and enslaves anyone with a knack for finding valuables in the endless mounds of trash. For many people in his position, life is unbearable, but Ben has a secret. Buried deep in the salvage fields, hidden by mounds of rubbish, lies a Kestrel class starship. And after a decade of tireless work, she’s almost ready to fly.
The Royal Imperium rules the galaxy with an iron fist. Freedom is just a dream on the hundreds of worlds under their domain. But in space, a person with a fast ship, an able crew, and the right connections can enjoy the last vestiges of liberty, as long as they stay under the radar. Ben Griminski has a ship, but he’ll need a crew and plenty of Zexum to fuel her if they hope to escape their dreary lives on Torrent Four. It’s a challenge worth taking on, and if his luck holds, he might just discover what life is like among the stars.

“He walked away, and Kim looked back out the large windows. The canyons were beautiful in a way, but all Kim saw were the dangers. Deep, narrow channels that funnel winds that made flying difficult under normal conditions. Racing through the canyons took nerve, skill, and a healthy dose of luck. Kim had the skill, and nothing could keep her from flying, but she knew that sooner or later her luck would run out. One bad crash would be enough to cripple her for life, or worse yet, kill her. Still, she would rather die flying than live a long life but never leave the ground.

The footsteps approaching were unmistakable. Kim felt her skin begin to crawl even before she heard the deep, gravelly voice or smelled Ray Gan’s perpetually sour odor.

“Hello, Kimberly,” the fat tavern owner said. “It’s good to see you.”

“My name is Kim, not Kimberly.”

“Why do you despise being a woman?” Ray Gan asked. “A girl as lovely as you could make a good life for herself.”

She had expected the fat man to make his pitch. He did every time she went into his tavern, and each time she rejected him. It was familiar, but not welcome. Kim wished the dirty, smelly man would go away and leave her alone, but if she wanted to fly in the canyon races, she couldn’t insult him.

“You know, I think you’re good enough to fly for the Imperium Fleet,” he said.

“I know I am,” Kim said, feeling unnerved.”


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