Key West Gone into the Night by Elizabeth Hilleren

Key West Gone into the Night

Key West Gone into the Night by Elizabeth Hilleren (A Key West Mystery Novel)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.1 MB

At night Government Road in Key West is dark and lonely as it runs through the swamp of salt marshes and mangrove trees along the edge of the airport. The crushed coral rock adds to the road a sense of foreboding. Into this setting come a young man and woman in a heated discussion. The next morning Key West Detectives David Sharkey and Burt Harris respond to a call from joggers who found a body of a woman in a short green dress, high heels, and no identification of any kind. She was obviously the victim of a vicious attack. This simple Jane Doe case explodes with a huge surprise to become a tangle of personalities, lies, and missing persons with international implications. Even the tenacious reporter Mckenzie Jones is ordered to keep hands off this case by the police. When characters in the story get insufficient answers from the Key West Police, they dangerously take matters into their own hands, causing a whole set of new problems for Detective Sharkey. What happens next depends on how far into eminent danger one person is willing to go to end this case.

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