Kill Count by Mark Allen, Brent Towns

Kill Count

Kill Count: A Team Reaper Thriller by Mark Allen, Brent Towns
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 331 Kb


When a ruthless Colombian cartel kidnaps the 10-year-old son of a DEA agent for leverage, Team Reaper unleashes a blood-and-bullets blitz that uncovers an unholy alliance dirtier than the devil’s own heart.

Hunted by both a rogue black ops assassin and a cartel cutthroat, Team Reaper take the fight from sin-soaked city streets to the jungle hell-zones of Colombia. Meanwhile, a devastating series of terrorist attacks strike New York City as al-Qaeda rises from the ashes and ignites a political firestorm that threatens to topple the President.

With a young boy’s life on the line and the fate of a nation at stake, Team Reaper refuses to retreat.

A non-stop action-fest – Kill Count is the fifth book in the thrilling Team Reaper Series.

“As if reading his mind, Traynor asked, “Talked to Billings lately?”

Kane looked over at the ex-DEA agent. With his linebacker shoulders and rugged, mountain man beard, Traynor wasn’t nearly as enjoyable to look at as Thurston. “Sure,” Kane replied. “I talk to her all the time. She’s a teammate.”

Traynor grinned. “Not what I meant, Reaper, and you know it.”

“What I know is that you can change the damn subject and tell me about this friend of yours we’re meeting.”

“Mike? The guy’s one of the best undercover agents I ever worked with. Not sure there’s a corner of Mexico he didn’t run an op in.”

“Riding a desk now, right?”

Traynor nodded. “Even the best can’t stay under forever. He got burned, and they managed to pull him out just a half-step ahead of a cartel sicario. Then they put him behind a desk here on the east coast overseeing undercover ops.”

“What’s up with meeting in some shithole bar? Hasn’t your buddy ever heard of an encrypted phone?”

Thurston said, “Cut him some slack, Kane. They kidnapped his son. He doesn’t know who he can trust right now, so you can’t blame him for being skittish.”

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