Killer Secrets by Sherrie Orvik

Killer Secrets

Killer Secrets by Sherrie Orvik
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 294 Kb

Killer Secrets: Small towns can have big secrets; this one’s a killer.
Ten years after Elyse Benson’s father and younger sister are brutally murdered and her mother institutionalized for the crime, a disturbing phone call compels Elyse to return home. She expects closure. Instead, she becomes a target.
Ten years ago, Sheriff James Warrick’s father made a deadly mistake during a murder investigation, the truth of which James has vowed to bury. However, when Elyse comes crashing into James’ life in need of protection, in order to help, he might be forced to confront the ghosts he’s been trying so hard to put to rest.
As they work to unravel Elyse’s past, together they discover that they have much more in common than either could have imagined—and that the secret they share could be a killer.

“The car jerked, the sound of the wheels stopped. Her heart jumped into her throat.

Now! Get out!

The world was a blur, her vision spinning and dim, but she clawed toward the nebulous handle and managed to open the door.

“Now, now,” the driver said, his voice distant and as warped as her vision. “Don’t be ridiculous.”


She fell out of the open car door and onto the crude road. Gravel dug into her kneecaps. She dragged herself forward, even as sharp, dry pine needles and rocks tore into her flesh. Dust filled her nostrils, making it hard to breathe.

Ignore the pain. Run…

The woods had always been her safety, her refuge. They could be now, if she could get her legs to work.

She scrambled to her feet and stumbled forward. Fear raced through her veins with every step that pounded behind her, the sound of his feet on the brush closer and closer. Her body jolted to a stop, her scalp burned.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His hot breath and spit hit her cheek, his grip twisted tighter into her hair.

She glanced at her attacker. Black ski mask. Long black sleeves. Black gloves.

She wanted to ask who he was, what he wanted, but he pulled her up by the throat and choked off her breath. “You’re not getting away. Not this time.”

The rage-filled words rang in her ears as he slammed the back of her head against the jagged bark of a tree.

She scratched at his exposed neck, desperate for him to release her. Nothing.”

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