King of Bullies by Jo Raven

King of Bullies

King of Bullies by Jo Raven (Prequel to No Saint)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 147 Kb

King of Bullies : Once upon a time there lived a boy with his dad who ruled the small town of Destiny. Like his dad, the boy was a bully who thrived on causing misery.

Like his dad, he was king.
Like his dad, he was lost.

One day he met a girl called Luna who made him feel something other than rage and pain, a girl who would one day show him that to be strong you don’t have to hurt others, or yourself, and that there’s great strength in kindness and love. But that came later. That was then, and this is now… *** This is a short prequel to NO SAINT ***

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