Knights End by Brad Clark

Knights End

Knights End (The Champion Chronicles Book 6) by Brad Clark
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB |1.2 Mb

Knights End: Behind the mighty walls of Neffenmark Castle, stands the combined might of the Elven, Human, and Dwarven armies who are ready to fight to the end. With the Spear of Salvation in hand, they have the weapon to defeat the Deceiver, but first, they must face an onslaught of vicious and vile goblins. After wiping out the bulk of the Taran Empire’s army, the goblin horde is more than ready to conquer the undermanned defenders of Neffenmark Castle. Standing in their way is Hargon, former Emperor of Taran and powerful magic user. Knowing that his ability to use magic may be their only chance at victory, Queen Elissa and King Illichian put their survival in Hargon’s hands.

Hundreds of miles away, Princess Nikki and her fabled Sak’Hurai warriors race to join the battle. Their journey takes them onto a battlefield where two armies had recently fought a violent and bloody battle. Unable to avoid involvement in the decades-long war, Princess Nikki must set aside her warrior’s instincts and figure out how to navigate the rough waters of politics. At stake is not only the lives of her Sak’Hurai but the opportunity to deliver a force of fighters that could make a difference in the war with the Deceiver.

To finally conquer evil, Conner, Glaerion, and the rest of the Champions must find more than the will to survive, they must discover the courage to stand against an insurmountable enemy. Many will be forced to make unimaginable sacrifices. Yet, the struggle to survive will bring them closer together, forging a bond that will be stronger than the evil that is sweeping through the Karmon Mountains.

From every corner of the world, Conner has gathered his Champions to fight this last battle. He has survived thus far through his own strength and skill with his swords, but he knows he cannot win this war on his own. His twin swords are formidable weapons, but against an entire army, they alone are worthless. Each race could not stand alone against the Deceiver, but working together as one, bringing unique skills to the battlefield, the diverse races of the world can stand against the ultimate evil. In the end, it will take courage, honor, and the ultimate sacrifice to bring victory.

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