Knights of Avalon by L.J. Rivers

 Knights of Avalon

Knights of Avalon by L.J. Rivers (Ruby Morgan #5)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

L.J. Rivers is the pseudonym for a writing-duo of one older chap and one younger dame. L and J are both from Norway, living on opposite corners of the country, so they rarely get to meet face to face.

My life has slowed down after the crazy events of last winter. I’ve taken some time away from Mum, my boyfriend, and Gabriel. I can’t believe I actually survived my first year at uni.
Just when I let my guard down, however, Duncan gets in trouble with a local crime lord. His life is at stake, and so, naturally, I place myself in the line of fire.
To top it all, ancient enemies lurk in the shadows. The only way I can defeat them is to surrender myself to the dark.

“That’s just silly,” Charlie said. “There’s no way Duncan would cheat on you. He’s head over heels in love with you.”

“I bet he’s found a human,” Gemma said. “I’ll track her down and rip her to shreds.”

“You probably could,” I said. “At least since she’s completely imaginary. Char’s right, Gemma. You’ve totally turned Duncan’s head inside out. When you’re not around, he says the most wonderful things about you. It’s like—”

I almost said Brendan. The comparison wouldn’t have been fair, though. Duncan did say nice things about Gemma, but it was nothing like what Brendan said to me.

Or used to, before I put him in the waiting room.

“It’s like a film, to be honest,” I continued. “He’s Richard Gere, basically.”

“Who?” Gemma wiped her cheeks with the umpteenth Kleenex tissue.

“He’s like Adam Sandler in Blended,” Charlie said.

Gemma straightened her back and turned to Charlie. “Really?”

I looked at Charlie, too. Really? I mouthed. Charlie bit her lower lip to keep from revealing our secret conversation to Gemma.

“I love that film,” the little fox-Shifter said.

Leave it to me to use a Pretty Woman reference on the only girl in the world who hadn’t seen it.

Charlie hugged her. “Don’t worry. He’ll be back, arms full of roses.”

“Like Jim?” Gemma said into Charlie’s neck.

“Yeah. Just like Jim.”

I grabbed the empty Ben & Jerry’s box and mine and Charlie’s half-eaten ones and hurried into the kitchen. If Gemma caught me fighting the laughter, she would be so disappointed.

“Angels, I’m home!” Jen’s voice sang from the hallway. Seconds later she danced her way into the room. “I would ask if you’ve missed me, but we all know—hang on. What’s happened?” She stopped mid-twirl, her gaze on Gemma.

“Trouble in paradise,” I said and closed the freezer. “Gemma thinks Duncan is cheating on her.”

“Oh. Who’s the bitch, and when can we kick her arse?”

I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable.

“See? Not an inkling of doubt in her mind.” Gemma pulled away from Charlie. “To Jen, it’s not a question of if, only who he’s cheating on me with.”

Jen held her hand up. “Relax, Foxy. I’m on your side, OK? If he is, which I’m sure he’s not—”

“Save it.”

This was getting out of hand. Charlie and I had just finished calming the hysterical girl down, and now Jen had fuelled her fire right back up. We all knew—well, Charlie and I, at least—that Jen wasn’t Gemma’s biggest fan, but I could tell she’d meant well this time.

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