Krista’s Choice by Gemma Jackson

Krista's Choice

Krista’s Choice by Gemma Jackson (Krista’s War #3)
English | 2020 | General Fiction/Classics | ePUB | 2.6 MB

Krista thought she would settle into her new life but the world had other ideas. Germany and Hitler are threatening war. No one can turn a blind eye to what is happening. Her friend Perry, a young man injured in a horse riding accident, is bitter because he cannot fight for his country. Krista becomes involved in a plan to remove children from danger zones in Europe. Her skill at languages will be much in demand. But is that all that will be demanded of her? Perry and Krista are approached and asked to risk everything and travel into Germany. Are they brave enough to agree and survive what is asked of them?

“Those two must have their teachers tearing at their hair.” Perry laughed in open delight. He watched David and Edward scale a nearby tree, holding his breath until they had safely reached the first branch. “I now understand my nanny’s despair at the constant untidy state of my clothing.” “The boys appear to have two speeds.” Krista hurried to stand under the tree, her heart in her mouth in case one of the boys slipped. “Full speed ahead and full stop.” “They are fortunate to have you.” Perry had called in to the Knightsbridge house, hoping to tempt Krista into going for a walk in nearby Hyde Park. He knew the twins would accompany her but he enjoyed their company. It was a beautiful September Saturday morning and he’d wanted to take advantage of the day in good company. The massage therapist his family had engaged to help strengthen his injured leg encouraged walking. He was now using a handsome silver-topped cane to get around. “You allow them to be boys and run free. My own nanny, as far as I remember, appeared to be constantly yelling ‘No!’ at the top of her lungs.” He’d become quite the escape artist hiding from the nervous woman as often as was possible. Krista smiled and accepted the implied compliment. No need to tell him she hadn’t a clue what she was doing most of the time. She’d discovered running after the boys and preventing catastrophe was all she could manage on a day-to-day basis. “They are showing The Adventures of Robin Hood at the Curzon cinema in Mayfair – would you care to accompany me this evening?” Perry held his breath. He had spent a great deal of time with Krista and the family she lived with but this was the first time he had invited her on an outing that could be considered a ‘date’ and he was nervous. “Is that the film starring Errol Flynn?” Krista kept her eyes on the boys, not wanting Perry to see her delight. She had hoped he might be interested in asking her out on a date but, as the weeks passed, she had thought he’d seen her only as a friend. “I have heard of that film. They say it is a delightful romp.” “It is an American interpretation of a British story but I have heard it is frightfully amusing and the ladies seem to love Mr Flynn.” Perry felt his heart beat faster. She was about to agree! “I might have to arrange for someone to listen out for the boys.” Krista didn’t think that would be a problem. If Lia was going out or had company in, Peggy would be happy to help out. “I will ask Lia and, if she agrees, I would love to accompany you to the cinema.” She felt quite breathless at the thought and was frantically doing a mental inventory of her wardrobe, wondering what to wear.

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