Krista’s Journey by Gemma Jackson

Krista's Journey

Krista’s Journey by Gemma Jackson (Krista’s War #2)
English | 2020 | General Fiction/Classics | ePUB | 204 KB

Gemma Jackson is a published author of fiction. Born in what is known as the Dublin Tenements, Gemma’s first memories involve herself being put on the back of Trigger- Roy Roger’s horse. She has traveled all around the entire world and has gathered up many friends and memories along the way, as well as a bit of knowledge.

Krista’s eyes are opened to the wider world around her. She sails to England in the company of her English teacher and a German aristocrat. She is frightened and unsure of her place in the world. What will become of her when she reaches England?
There are secrets revealed about Krista’s life – secrets she knows nothing about. She has people who care what happens to her. But because of the happenings in the world they cannot become involved in her life.
It is decided that Krista should work in the London home of Captain Caulfield, as a companion and assistant to Lia Caulfield and her twin sons. Will she be able to find her place in this strange new world?

She found a small nook out of the wind and stared out at the sea stretching as far as the eye could see. What was to become of her? It was all very well for Herr Baron to say they would not desert her, but what did that mean? She could not tag along at their heels. She needed to plan a future for herself. She put a hand in front of her mouth, trying to force the sob that wanted to escape back down her throat. She looked around to be sure she was alone. She wanted no kind person asking what had upset her. How would she ever explain?
“I thought to consult Abigail about our young friend.” Violet was still thinking about her friend Constance and how disappointed in her she would be. “She has girls a little older than Christine. She might have thoughts and ideas on the subject – about what Krista might do to improve her lot in life. And she may well have some clothing that she could allow her to have. The poor girl ran with only the clothes on her back.” “That is perhaps not a bad thing.” Gerhardt could not believe that he was once more faced with the upkeep and protection of his brother’s by-blow. He had enough problems of his own to be dealing with. He too was facing an unknown future. “The clothes she is wearing are suitable only for an under-housemaid, not a young woman seeking a new life in a new country.” “That was no fault of hers!” Violet felt desperately sorry for Krista. “I shall give her some funds to see her on her way.” “It is not money she needs at this moment. She needs help finding a position that offers a roof over her head. She needs to know who she is. She must have so many questions about herself. We can give her answers to many of those questions. We must do that now because we cannot know what is to happen to us in the future.” She was determined to tell Krista what she knew. The girl needed to know where she had come from. “What can we tell her except that her parents are dead?” Gerhardt snapped. “Even that much information will offer her some comfort. She will not be searching the faces of strangers to discover if she has anyone in the world that belongs to her! I cannot imagine being so alone in the world.” “You are beginning to sound like a bleeding heart.” “My heart is bleeding for the lost child we have in our company. I intend to do everything in my power to assist her.” Before more could be said the hatch opened and Krista stepped into the room, bringing a blast of cold air with her and putting an end to the conversation. “It is so cold out there. My nose and toes are frozen.”

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