Labyrinth of the Beastmen by Brian McGoldrick

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Labyrinth of the Beastmen by Brian McGoldrick (Primacy Online Book 4)
English | 2020 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Under the domination of its QCP (Quantum Control Program), the Church of the Resurrection had turned the world of Tathlum into the ultimate game. For the players from Earth, Primacy Online could be the ultimate rush, but the QCP merged with the remnant Soul and Body of a dead god and everything changed. Calling itself Quantum-El, the QCP changed the rules of its game, and put the players from Earth on roughly equal footing with the natives from Tathlum. It demanded that the players and the natives worship it as a god. It made any players, who it considered “cheaters”, bounty targets for the other players and the natives.

Crom Cruach and his party were among the bounty targets. Shortly after the latest round of rule changes, Crom Cruach and his party find an ancient prophecy that sounds like it applies to the players from Earth. It was left tens of thousands of years ago by Scathach, Queen of Skye. She was a Milesian, who Transcended Mortality, and she may have answers to some of the questions plaguing Crom Cruach about Tathlum’s past. But Scathach and the city of Skye were sealed in a temporal prison by the Fomhoraigh Tethra, who calls himself the God of Death.

Crom Cruach and his party set out in search of the temporal prison of the city of Skye, but they are not the only ones who want to claim it. Players, natives, and monsters will stand in their way, and to reach the entry to the city of Skye’s temporal prison, they will have to pass through the Labyrinth of the Beastmen.

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