Last Resort On The Coast by Sage Parker

Last Resort On The Coast

Last Resort On The Coast by Sage Parker (Search For Truth #1)
English | 2021| Mystery Thriller | ePUB | 6.9 MB

“She’s gone, Sarah. You have to come home. I can’t run this place on my own.”

Sarah Edwards is living her dream as a highly acclaimed marine biologist, settled in a beautiful downtown apartment with nothing but a bright future ahead…

That is, until she receives a phone call that changes everything.

Her mother’s untimely death not only leaves her devastated – it leaves her with so many unanswered questions and responsibilities she’s not ready to take on. As an only child, she finds herself at the helm of a high-scale resort on the coast of California.

Now she’s faced with a life-altering decision. To sell the resort her mother dedicated her entire life to, or move back to California to run the resort – leaving behind the dream life she’s worked so hard to build.

While traveling across the country to comfort her grandmother, Sarah meets a charming stranger and offers him a complimentary stay at the resort in exchange for a lighthearted distraction.

But when Sarah stumbles upon a letter written just weeks before the accident – her mother’s final words leave her no choice but to continue on with the search in her place…

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