Last Star of the Morning by Claire L. Wilkinson

Last Star of the Morning

Last Star of the Morning by Claire L. Wilkinson
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 6 MB

Lucifer Morningstar… that name strikes fear deep into the souls of men, thousands of demons kneel before him and worship the ground he walks on, he is the legendary bad guy responsible for all mortal sin… but to me, he is an arrogant, egotistical man that i once had the great displeasure of calling my father.
I am his 8th and youngest child, the others were all born to be great and powerful Sins, i was born to be the worthless runt and quickly cast aside as though i did not even exist. But instead of letting my deep rooted daddy issues hold me back, i ventured away from his castle, changed my name, worked hard to become one of the strongest soul reapers that ever lived, and then after nearly 2000 years of fighting to be the best I could possibly be, I retired to spend the rest of my days in the human world, enjoying everything that life had to offer.
I was finally at peace with myself, i loved where i was and who i had become. I set up a little business and finally felt like i belonged somewhere, like i actually fit in. Life was perfect…
Until everything swiftly started to crumble down around me, my old life came crashing back in and now there are talks of the end of days, that everything will be destroyed, and everyone will die.
I guess that is just my bad luck, story of my life really. Out of the billions of people who exist, all of the powerful and strong beings that you see as heroes in all of the stories, why did i alone have to be the one that everything we hold dead now depends on?

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