Learn to Live by Michael Anderle

 Learn to Live

Learn to Live by Michael Anderle (Cryptid Assassin Book 7)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Michael Anderle (ok, weird talking about myself in the 3rd person) (1967-Hopefully a long time from NOW) was born in Houston, Tx. A very curious child, he got into trouble – a lot. What to do with an inquisitive mind when he was grounded? Read! Ok, done with all of that 3rd person stuff.

Niki Banks and her team from the DOD need Taylor’s help, but he isn’t at home. He is in New Orleans with her cousin, which has Niki more than a little curious. She needs to stop a potentially catastrophic release of cryptids into the Louisiana biome. But will Taylor be in jail by the time she arrives?

If he isn’t in jail, will he have committed yet another major heist to get even with those who have attacked him? Taylor and Niki need to stop dancing around their attraction. At least, if anyone in Taylor’s group has a say in the matter.

Back in Vegas, certain individuals want Taylor to come and have a talk. But he’s “out of town.” Unfortunately, they treated Taylor’s employees disrespectfully. Will they come along quietly, or will Taylor be pushed into a fight he doesn’t want? If he decides he wants the fight, will Niki be ok with it?

For Taylor McFadden, life is full of dangerous complications. The rest of his problems have to do with alien monsters wanting to eat him.

Still, it was a nice little nest egg for her to fall back on if she ever needed it. For the moment, though, she mostly relied on the short-term living situations she could afford or could bill her bosses for. 

Finally, when Maxwell looked expectantly at her, she shook her head and raised a hand to call the attention of a nearby waitress. The woman moved quickly to the booth they had taken control of for the past hour.

‘Can we get another pie—meatball and sausage, extra cheese, and some refills, please?’ she asked and the server nodded and hurried to the kitchen.

Jansen raised an eyebrow. ‘We’ll have to leave her one hell of a tip. That girl has waited for us to leave for a while now.’

‘We’re working here and ordering regularly,’ Maxwell pointed out as he picked another piece up and put it on his plate. ‘I know they need the turnover, but it’s not like we’re here during the rush hour. We’re giving them a steady stream of business when they would usually not have much to do.’

Niki nodded. The eatery was mostly abandoned since the dinner rush hour was a few hours away. This left only a handful of booths still occupied, mostly by people like them who preferred the peace and quiet of the venue, as well as the free Wi-Fi, while they enjoyed the food and got some work done. One group wore suits and could have been working on a project for one of the nearby law firms. There were a couple of student groups too and finally, the three of them. She wondered what theories the bored wait staff had made up about them.

It was how her brain worked when she was in a similar position.

‘Well, we’ll leave a good tip anyway,’ Niki asserted and picked up the next file from her stack. ‘I’m still not a fan of the whole tipping system, though. The assumption should be that people will receive a fair wage for their work, and tipping should only be required if they did an exceptional job. Like, above and beyond. In this case, we require these people to go above and beyond in order to earn enough money to survive.’

‘I’ll go ahead and guess you were a waitress once?’ Jansen asked, his focus still fixed on his file. 

‘Yes, but you don’t need to have the experience to know it’s a fucked-up system.’

Maxwell smirked around another mouthful but didn’t add anything to the conversation. She had a feeling he was mocking her somehow but decided not to engage. That would come later.

Jansen’s phone buzzed on the table and vibrated energetically enough to dance across the surface for a few seconds before he picked it up. He narrowed his eyes at the sight of the caller ID and finally pressed the button to answer.

‘Yeah?’ He didn’t sound happy to speak to whoever was on the line, but the more he listened, the more interested he seemed and even jotted notes on his pad. ‘Okay, thanks. I’ll wire you the usual amount.’ He hung up quickly and looked Niki firmly in the eye. ‘I have an informant who says he might have something that’s in our realm of expertise, although it’s not certain yet. Either way, it looks like something weird is happening in Louisiana—New Orleans, to be precise. Since we’re mostly waiting for shit to happen, do you think we should…’



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