Leaving You, Finding Them Series (1, 3)

Leaving You Finding Them Series

Leaving You, Finding Them Series by Tammi Lynn (1, 3)
English | 2021| Romance | ePUB | 2.0 MB

 Tammi Lynn is an Arizona native and has three boys and one girl, one human and three feline. When she’s not working at her full time job or writing she can be found in the backyard in a hammock reading, going on an adventure with her son or just chilling and hanging out with friends and family.

1. Broken Pieces – Mia is a single mom from Arizona who has been stuck in an on again off again relationship for the past fourteen years. Knowing she has to get away from her ex Andreas(Dre) to fully be free of him, she packs up their thirteen-year-old son and moves states away to Sammamish, Washington.
Her intent to start a new life and better things for her and her son Miklo are the first things on her mind. But when they arrive at their new home to be greeted by four hot new neighbors? She can only hope for it to be a good sign she is on the right track. Or it will at least make things a lot more fun!
Can Mia mend the broken pieces of her heart, or will Dre continue to hold onto it? And what role will her new neighbors Jayson, Roman, Jesse, and Cade play in her new start?

3. Forever Love – A year and a half and two surprises later the date has finally been set, in another few months Mia will finally be marrying the loves of her life.
So much has gone on since Jayson, Jesse, Roman, and Cade asked her to marry them and they have only grown closer over time. Baby Eva will be two by the time they all say ‘I do,’ while Miklo just turned sixteen and has been driving for months.
Has Andreas continued to be a positive and active influence in Miklo’s life while giving Mia her own personal distance? How is Miklo dealing with being a big brother and the struggles of being a teen in high school? How is Mia dealing with the upcoming wedding, and how have her and the guys come together in their love for each other while also adapting to becoming parents and having an infant in the house? Will they all make that walk down that aisle in a few months time?


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