Leopard’s Test by Kimberly A. Rogers

Leopard's Test

Leopard’s Test by Kimberly A. Rogers (The Therian Way Book 4)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

It was supposed to be an anniversary getaway, not another mission.
Baran and Raina’s anniversary trip is interrupted by a potential diplomatic nightmare when a Therian assassin goes on a killing spree in the ambassadorial city of St Augustine. Raina and Baran must join forces with dragons and Fae in order to catch the Lion before he causes irreparable harm to the delicate alliances of the paranormal community. Working with multiple agencies only grows trickier as they race to save intended victims before it’s too late.
When a ghost from Raina’s past reappears, however, she’s forced to find a way to pass the Leopard’s test if she wants to keep her people from being drawn into a war.

I heard the shifting of weight and then the rustle of cloth. He was leaning toward me, the sound of his breathing drawing closer. I snapped my teeth at him in warning. Of course, he ignored me. I was going to bite him. He deserved it for invading my space.

A cloth shoved between my teeth, and I growled in shock as it was tied in place. Then, he had the nerve to pat my cheek. “Good girl.”

That . . . that . . . Ugh!

“Don’t you dare shift forms, Commander Raina. The tinting on the windows isn’t so dark that someone won’t notice a woman turning into a leopard. Now, it won’t take much longer to reach our destination. You should . . . relax.”

Relax, my foot! The moment I got out of this car I was going to shift and then bite him as hard as I could. My day’s just getting better and better. Ugh, I am never going to live this down.

The car ride lasted another hour based on the amount of boring talking heads I ignored before we finally pulled to a stop. I straightened in my seat as he got out, wriggling my wrists against the cloth holding them together. Unfortunately, he was faster about opening my door and immediately tapped my hands. “Behave.”

I growled past the gag as he leaned in close to unbuckle the seatbelt. He chuckled. Now, he’s just being insulting. He pulled me out of the car, and I could feel a cool breeze stirring my hair and caressing my cheeks. I may not have been able to smell anything beyond the gross mothballs, but I could still hear. The sound of roaring water and insects with the occasional call of a bird spoke to the nightlife. I couldn’t feel the sun on my skin. We had likely been on the road all day. Of course, night meant there was a smaller chance of humans stumbling across us. Other Therians . . . That was more questionable, although I had my doubts.

When he tugged on my elbow, I instinctively dug my heels in and refused to budge. I gave another warning growl. He growled back and then abruptly tossed me over his shoulder. The idea of digging my claws into something tender of his was growing more appealing by the step even though that would be rather . . . rash.

He carried me into some sort of building. Of course, he walked too quietly for me to hear his steps. I gave a muffled yelp as he tossed me through the air. I landed on something soft with lots of bounce . . . a bed. You are kidding me, right?

The sound of a door shutting made me realize I was alone. I twisted my hands until I could feel the cloth bindings fall off. The moment my hands were free, I yanked off the blindfold and gag. Jumping off the large bed, I turned in a circle. He’d tossed me into a master bedroom. The large bed was decorated in a mix of tan and light blue bedding with driftwood serving as the frame. More driftwood was used for shelves filled with various trinkets from seashells and sea dollars to bits of coral and even a carving of a hippocampus, the half horse, half fish aquatic menace that liked to challenge dolphins for people’s attention (and food). There were even fishing nets draped in the corners and held in place by tridents. How very . . . beachy.

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