Level Zero by Dan McDowell

Level Zero

Level Zero by Dan McDowell (Nightmare in Riverton 1)
English | 2021| Mystery & Thriller |ePUB| 6.6 MB

The Oak Hollow Hotel stands eight stories above Riverton, Texas.
Despite not operating as such for years, a haphazard acquisition of the facility leads Chris Wilkerson down a dark path to uncover its mysteries as he forms a call-center specializing in horror stories. A sinister character lurks in an abandoned tunnel just beneath, manipulating Chris as he struggles to walk a fine line between his love for the dark and the macabre and a collapsing marriage.
Todd Adams, a manic depressive financial advisor, awakens from a coma along with 53 others, fighting to understand unexplained phantom memories that plague them. As each work to unravel their meaning, they begin to disappear into a labyrinth beneath the hotel at the torment of a bizarre captor. Discovering mutual commonality in an unresolved past, Todd works to lead them out.
Will they find the key to freedom?


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