Lightning Dragon Strikes Out by Toshi Drake

Lightning Dragon Strikes Out

Lightning Dragon Strikes Out by Toshi Drake
English | 2020 | Romance MM | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Nick is a human who’s fed up with his dragon companion, Phin. He’s tired of being an afterthought. With the help of a friend, he leaves his life behind, hoping for a chance at happiness, at being first, even if it means being without his dragon.
Phin is a Lightning Dragon. His greatest treasure is a man who has inexplicably turned hostile. Chasing Nick to the human realm, Phin discovers the joy of being one’s true self. With this knowledge, he finds the love he never knew he had.
In this humorous tale of costumes, outdoor naughty times, claimings gone awry, watch as two men find out what it means to be both treasures and mates.

Nick shrugged. He didn’t know. Sometimes, it meant more private time with Phin, which he liked. The dragon lord was freer and more relaxed. Other times, well, Phin did have exquisite taste in costumes, and he could understand why Phin never let other staff see those moments. They were just for him and Phin. “Because I can? But he made me wear that dress on purpose and he knew it was wrong.”

“Master Nick. Please. Just go up. Figure out what he wants and then you can go to bed,” Sean pleaded. Nick shrugged and shook his head. There wasn’t anything in the world that would get him to go up to Lord Phineas’ room. Not tonight. “You owe me. You owe me a drink from that expensive bottle sitting there.”

Smiling, Nick saluted the man and leaned back in his chair as the man left their little staff room, his shoulders slumped. Swallowing the last shot, Nick contemplated the ceiling. What was he going to do? Being Phin’s plaything and second had become a chore. The lightning dragon never left his sewing room as he obsessively made costumes no one outside Phin’s staff would see. Nick had become responsible for more and more of the important household decisions.

The bell pealed again and Nick ignored the summons. Sean was a good enough substitute. Maybe he could convince Phin to allow him to leave the estate for a little while.

There was a draconic reason for that, of course. Nick hadn’t figured out what it was yet. Phin was notorious for creating rules and regulations for no reason.

Groaning at the sound of the bell jingling again, Nick buried his head in his hands, wishing the awful noise would stop. Agitated feet came rushing down the stairs and a young boy stood at the doorway, his chest labouring.

“Mr. Nick, Mr. Nick. You gotta come. Lord Phin is dreadfully upset,” the young footman huffed. Nick wrinkled his nose and shook his head. Nope.

“Sorry, Billy. No way I can. I’ve been drinking and you know he frowns on that.” Nick was proud of how clearly the words came out.

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