Like a Bad Penny by Harper Crowley

 Like a Bad Penny

Like a Bad Penny by Harper Crowley (Brady Paranormal Investigations Book 1)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 275 Kb

Like a Bad Penny: Scooby Doo meets Ghost Hunters in this light-hearted, fun cozy mystery series…
Somebody wants the secrets of the MacIver mansion to stay buried.
Meredith Brady doesn’t just hunt ghosts; she broadcasts her adventures on the internet. The good, the bad, and the ghoulish, streaming live and in color to thousands of subscribers. When Meredith and her team of ghost hunters take on a case in the tiny town of Oak Cliff, Georgia, they don’t expect anything out of the ordinary, just a ghost in a white dress that may or may not be related to a missing persons investigation. But this case is unlike anything Meredith has taken on before. Oak Cliff is a town awash in mysteries and lies, and the spirit Meredith’s searching for may not be the only one haunting the MacIver mansion.
Determined to unearth the truth, Meredith and her team dig their way through layers of mysteries and strange occurrences, getting closer to the truth—and real danger. Because it’s becoming clear that someone, or something, wants the past to stay buried, at any cost, and Meredith’s search for the truth just might get her and her team killed.

“That changes things. “Top tier” means someone who knows what we do. Someone who knows we oust the fakes for the world to see. Most people won’t risk the humiliation. I replay the video, and as the figure once again floats down the stairs, excitement bubbles inside me. This could be it. This could be the evidence we’ve been looking for to take things to the next level. An internet-based paranormal investigative show is one thing, but I want primetime. I want network.

The person behind the camera gasps, her breathing short and panicky. She’s either a really good actor, or she’s not acting.

As the figure approaches the bottom of the stairs, I pause the video, my interest piqued. “What do you think?”

Russ’s long, bronze fingers tighten around his can of Mountain Dew. He chugs the rest of the vile drink before crushing the can. “I don’t know. At first, I thought it was another fake dead-bride video, but she called it ‘Mom,’ and she’s one of our subscribers—has been for a year—so it’s a tough call. If it’s fake, it’s a good one, and the subscriber who sent it in has been planning this for a long time.”

“Did you look her up?” A good fake was almost as good as the real thing, if only because our audience loves it when we reveal the fakes.

Russ nods. “Yeah, and I think it’s worth checking out. Real or fake, the subscribers will love it.”


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