Limelight by Dan Willis


Limelight by Dan Willis (Arcane Casebook #5)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Dan is an award-winning, best-selling author who has been writing for most of his life.

When a madman starts robbing banks the really old fashioned way, by blowing holes in them with magical explosives, the police want Alex to catch him before he kills and robs again. There are two problems with that, however, first as far as Alex knows there’s no such thing as a blasting rune, and second his friend Danny Pak is up for a promotion and that’s not Danny’s case.
Alex splits his time between chasing the homicidal bomber and helping Danny figure out what happened to a dead writer who was basing her book on Broadway’s most famous murder. While the bomber continues to elude Alex, he becomes convinced that the writer was killed by someone who wanted the old murder to remain unsolved. Before he can pursue either case further, however, the feds show up, wanting Alex’s take on a series of bizarre magic related deaths.
Now Alex must solve the fifteen year old Broadway murder, catch a blast-happy bank robber, and figure out how average people are being killed by a mysterious, untraceable magic. All the while he has scant leads, even fewer suspects, and the inescapable feeling that he’s being played.

It was after three in the afternoon when Alex Lockerby entered his modest, mid-ring office. The door opened onto a waiting room with two rather battered couches opposite and a single desk to the left in front of a large window. Alex had seen the room and the desk almost every day for six years and it never failed to make him smile.

“Hi ya, boss,” the woman behind the desk said, looking up at him with a grin. “Any luck?”

The smile tried to run away from Alex’s face, but he held it tight. The girl was slim and pretty with blue eyes and thick black hair that spilled down over her shoulders. Papers and notes were arranged on the desk in front of her, and Alex knew from experience they held the names of potential clients along with their information, all neatly laid out. As secretaries went, Sherry Knox was a great one, but she wasn’t Leslie.

Leslie Tompkins had been Alex’s secretary, confidante, and friend for over a decade, and Alex owed much of his success to her business skills. She’d been with him from the days of his basement office in Harlem when he was so broke he couldn’t afford cigarettes, all the way up to the good times. All that had ended four months ago when Leslie married Randall Walker, the assessor for Suffolk County, and moved out of the city. Leslie had been the beating heart of his business, and the office just wasn’t the same without her.

Keeping his smile in place, Alex nodded in answer to Sherry’s question.

“I recovered Dr. Coville’s notebook,” he said, pulling a slim notebook bound in blue leather from his coat pocket. “A rival company paid off his lab assistant to steal it for them. I found it under the false bottom of a desk drawer in his apartment.”

“What will the assistant do when he discovers it’s gone?”

“I called Coville and told him to call Danny,” Alex said. “His assistant will be in handcuffs soon, and Coville will be by to pay his bill and pick up his notebook.” Alex laid the book on the table, then pulled some folded bills from his trouser pocket. “I also stopped by the Zimmermans’ and got paid,” he said, setting the money next to the notebook. “Add that to the cashbox.”

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