Line of Duty by VK Powell

Line of Duty

Line of Duty by VK Powell (Fairview Station #3)
English | 2019|Romance > FF| ePUB | 7 MB

What happens when a police officer’s fight for justice conflicts with an ER doctor’s commitment to patient care?

Police officer Finley Masters wants to interview an injured suspect and make an arrest so she can move on to the next case. As long as she keeps closing cases she can hide the pain of caring for her alcoholic father. Dr. Dylan Carlyle dedicates herself to healing the sick and looking after her family. She doesn’t have time for dating, especially not a reckless cop who thinks she’s God’s gift to women. When Finley Masters strolls into the emergency room making demands, Dylan protects her turf and her heart.

A tragic incident brings them together, but their feelings keep them coming back.

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  2. i have just down loaded this book again .When unzipped it shows file with out any extension as such i cant open it with any reader.


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