Little Dinosaurs by Audrey Swindon

Little Dinosaurs

Little Dinosaurs by Audrey Swindon
English | 2019 | Sci/Fi| ePUB | 238 Kb

Little Dinosaurs : They’re lean, mean little killing machines…and they’re back from the past to start another reign of terror!

Meet the new version of Tyrannosaurus Rex in Audrey Swindon’s brand new novel…now available for a limited time for just $0.99 from a #1 Amazon Bestselling author!

When Roy Turner takes a cross-country road trip with his hot, wild-child girlfriend Loretta, he thinks he’s taking off on the lark of his life…until they make a stop at a seedy Texas reptile farm and he helps Loretta make a mysterious purchase that will change their lives forever.

The little beastie they buy comes with killer instincts and razor-sharp teeth, and Roy and Loretta quickly discover they have a prehistoric tiger by the tale.

His name may be Gizmo, but he has no intention of being a pet, and when he escapes all hell breaks loose.
“Little Dinosaurs” is a hot, funny mess of a novel, complete with a road trip, bloody carnage and a plot line that will have you laughing and remembering every crazy 60s sci fi/horror flick you ever enjoyed and came to love.

It’s got great characters, scary little monsters, and plenty of fun, apocalyptic plot twists that will keep you laughing, gasping and guessing. It’s one of Audrey Swindon’s best, so you should definitely get in on the action and the fun and download it NOW.

“She looked right through me, and I melted. Loretta had a way of doing that made me forget about whatever I was supposed to be thinking about. She grinned.

I shrugged and looked away, trying to focus. It wasn’t the worst idea I’d heard—I wasn’t much interested in finishing grad school, and I definitely had no ties to the bar.

California seemed too far, though. Southern California especially.

I had the feeling there was something going on with this older brother, Randy, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was. Loretta had told me something about him, but at the moment the issue with the shots was fogging my brain.

“So . . . we’re leaving when?” I asked, knowing immediately this was the wrong question. I was falling into a trap, and it was already too late to turn back.”

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