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Login Re:Coded by R.J. Triveri : A LitRPG Novel (Incipere Online Book 2)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 378 Kb

Login Re : A world doesn’t revolve around just one heroic act, and Athos isn’t the only story on Incipere.

Slaying monsters? Easy.
Bringing foes to their knees? Satisfying.
Harnessing the powers of fame and epic loot? Essential.
Defeating a world-ending program stronger than the gods themselves? On the to-do list.

When Incipere is put at risk by a glitched program beyond the natural law of the world, who else can you turn to but to the heroes of a god? The blade-wielding River Hexi and the magically inclined Dante Rior, blessed by Unum itself, agreed to set aside their days of dungeon diving and arena combat to serve the greater good. With the favor of their patron, they must assemble a team, reformat the glitch, save the world, and maybe earn a little fame along the way.

“In Daniel’s case, it was the best place he had found in his research to help his friend adapt. Daniel Rior, now forever known by his middle name, Dante, had planned this far better than his counterpart would have even guessed. Despite being downloaded together, Dante was as always three steps ahead of the game. After making his case with their processing Auxi, it wasn’t long until he had a room ready for their arrival at The Comet’s Fall, Graywall’s newbie welcome center and, just as importantly, the cheapest inn in the city. At least, it had been according to the SIFS Wiki.

The room wasn’t the fanciest he’d ever seen, but it was cheap and had everything they needed to do just fine. A pair of beds with a nightstand and storage chest each, a window facing out over the city, and a table with chairs were all that furnished the room. Having only had a few moments to himself, Dante was already starting to feel like he was home as he opened his screens to see his mage class’s abilities and spells that were just waiting to help him explore the world.

“Not a bad haul,” he said to himself with a half smile. “Lots of potential here.” A fire spell, a water spell, a lightning spell, scan and… detect too? With his lineup, he had flexibility, power, and more importantly, a way to keep him far away from the front lines of combat.”


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