Long Road Home by Robert Enright

 Long Road Home

Long Road Home by Robert Enright
English | 2019 | Action/Adventure| ePUB | 3.2 MB

Robert Enright was born in North London and resides in Chesham, Buckinghamshire with his wife, working earnestly to write for a living and dreaming of the day he can get a dog.
He is the author of the international best selling Sam Pope series as well as the Bermuda Jones series.

The Hunt Begins…
Sam Pope is back in the third action packed entry in the international best selling series.
After his one man war on crime takes him to the depths of the Ukrainian underworld, Sam Pope is accosted by an elite United States military outfit known as Blackridge. Under the threat of incarceration for his crimes, Sam agrees to join their squad when he finds out they are hunting his former mentor through Europe – Sergeant Carl Marsden.
Suspicious of their accusations of terrorism, Sam joins the hunt, hoping to get to him first and to find out why Marsden is running. As the chase intensifies and the body count rises, the truth about global terrorism and Project Hailstorm soon become terrifyingly clear. Hunted by two countries, as well as a mysterious man in black, Sam faces his most dangerous mission yet.

Sam coughed, blood spraying outwards as he tried to steady his final few breaths. The warm puddle of blood had encircled him, marking the spot where he would finally be put to rest.

The vision of Lucy appeared in his mind once more, his eyes slowly opening on a hospital bed to see her tear-streaked face crack with relief. She’d stuck by him when he’d turned down an honourary discharge to join the elite task force and stayed glued to his bedside when they sent him back riddled with bullets.

Sam took another energy sapping breath, the air struggling to reach his lungs and he could feel his hand falling away from the bullet wound in his side. He let it flop to the side in acceptance, allowing his life to pour slowly from his stomach. A light speckle of rain fell on his wrist, and with his final few moments, he lifted his blood-spattered head upwards, locking his one open eye on the heavens above.

He thought of Jamie.

Sitting with him in the nook they’d built in his bedroom, where his son baffled him with his love of books. Lying next to him at bedtime, listening as his son read The Hungry Caterpillar to him for the umpteenth time.

Watching as he investigated everything in the playground, overturning every stone and smiling at every insect he came across.

While Sam had loved every minute of being a soldier, even when bullets were raining down on his location and he flirted with death, he’d never loved anything more than he’d loved his son. He’d loved Lucy unequivocally, and part of him always would.

But Jamie was his world.

As Sam stared up at the thick, dark clouds that had gathered over his demise, he felt the cold rain crash against his battered face. A tear joined them as he thought of the body of his dead son. The victim of a drunk driver, recklessly ending the life of a child on his way to meet his dad.

The death which had spurned Sam to take to the streets, to go where the justice system couldn’t and set him on a path of redemption that had seen him leave a trail of bodies and broken criminal empires in his wake.

A path that had led him to this moment.

On his knees on the cold streets of Rome, battered and beaten, with blood pumping from his stomach and his life ebbing away.

Behind him, he heard the safety catch of the pistol and took one final breath. He forced his broken body to straighten, adamant he would die with a sense of pride.

He thought about the good people he knew, the likes of DI Adrian Pearce and DI Amara Singh back in London, who had ruined their careers to help him on his mission.

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