Look the Other Way by Leigh Jones

Look the Other Way

Look the Other Way (Galveston Crime Scene Book 1) by Leigh Jones
English |2021 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.3 MB

A young woman found bleeding to death on a stranger’s front lawn uses her last breath to whisper two words: I’m sorry.

That’s a first for reporter Kate Bennett. She’s determined to find out why a murder victim felt compelled to apologize. And she’s sure she won’t have to wait long for answers. Detective Peter Johnson is one of the Galveston Police Department’s best investigators. Kate gives him a week to bring the killer to justice. She can’t wait to splash the news in 48-point type across the front page of the Galveston Gazette.

But the case goes cold right from the start. One week quickly turns into two. When a dock worker becomes the second unsolved murder of the summer, Kate starts to lose faith in Johnson’s ability to deliver the justice she longs for.

Then the police chief disbands the island’s special crimes task force, and Kate’s convinced he’s got something to hide.

Figuring out what could be her next big scoop. Unless the killer scoops her first.


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