Lost In Time by W.M. Wiltshire

Lost In Time

Lost In Time by W.M. Wiltshire (Next Time #1)
English | 2019 | Sci / fi | ePUB | 522 Kb

Lost In Time: It’s no longer a question of whether we can travel into the future or the past. It’s now a question of should we?

Professor Quinn Delaney is in the final stage of his lifelong quest to unlock the mystery of time travel. But before he can complete his work disaster strikes. The professor’s twins, Dani and Daric, are abruptly ripped from the present and flung into the past.

Desperate to bring his children back home, Quinn turns to a dear friend and colleague, Richard Barak Case, for help. They must retrieve a rare mineral from an underwater cave halfway around the world; without it, Quinn’s children could be lost in time forever. But Richard has his own agenda and he’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on everything Quinn holds dear.

Meanwhile, Dani and her brother, Daric must use every ounce of resourcefulness they possess to survive in their unfamiliar world. Without knowing how to control the time travel bands that jerked them into the past, the siblings are forced to helplessly watch history unfold, while fighting the overwhelming urge to intervene and risk altering history forever.

Daric took a spoon from the counter and quietly crept up behind the lone figure stirring the contents of a steaming pot. He reached around and quickly plunged his spoon into the homemade marinara sauce.

“Jesus, Daric, you scared the living crap out of me,” Sandra scolded, placing her left hand over her rapidly beating heart.

“Sorry, Mom,” Daric said half-heartedly, licking sauce from his spoon. He’d always been a bit of a prankster and took great delight in trying to scare his mom.

“Smells great. When’s dinner?” Daric asked, eagerly.

Sandra Delaney was putting the finishing touches on the family’s traditional Friday night spaghetti dinner. Meals nowadays aren’t as messy as they were when the kids were two years old. “Dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes. Where’s your sister?” she asked.”



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