Lucky John Adventures series by Mark Stone

Lucky John Adventures series

Lucky John Adventures series by Mark Stone (#1-8)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.8 MB

1. Lucky Break
One good deed can change everything.. After saving a woman from an armed robber at a truck stop, former soldier John Lucky is more than happy to take her number, even if she does print it out on a lottery ticket. He’s even more happy when that ticket wins the lottery and he can take himself and his Army bud Davey down to Florida so they can live the good life in the paradise that is the Gulf Coast. Drinks, girls, and good times take a backseat to trouble, though, when ‘Lucky John’ (as the papers dubbed him) finds himself entangled in a murder investigation that might send the luckiest man in the world down the river for a crime he didn’t commit.

2. Lucky Draw
One good hand can change everything.. Fresh off saving the day in his new hometown of Bonita Springs, Florida, John Lucky is met with a familiar face from his past as well as an offer he can’t refuse. Now, with a mission that sends him onboard the most exclusive poker ship in the world, Lucky John is met with twists and turns that’ll make him question everything he thinks he knows…if he survives at all.

3. Lucky Rascal
A twist of fate can make all the difference..After finally getting settled in Bonita Springs, Lucky John’s world is thrown for a loop when one of his biggest enemies, Rascal Mangrove, comes asking for his help. Now, with a mystery unlike any other he’s ever faced spooling out around him, John has to work as hard as he ever has to get to the bottom of it. And, in the end, he’ll find that the truth is closer than he ever imagined, and that his luck just might have run out.

4. Lucky Vengeance
One mistake can put everything at risk. When a killer from his past threatens an old girlfriend, Lucky John finds himself drawn into a maze of danger, lies, and family secrets. After being instrumental in putting the killer named The Viper behind bars, Lucky John did his best to put the entire ordeal out of his mind. When the man is released under mysterious circumstances, though, it throws everything he thought he knew for a loop. Now, tracking him to the sandy beaches of Cancun alongside Jessie St. James, his former girlfriend, John might find that his second time tangling with The Viper might prove deadly.

5. Lucky Catch
One unexpected catch can change everything you thought you knew. When John Lucky pulls an item from the Gulf, he couldn’t have imagined that item would belong to the long missing mother of one of his best friends. With that item comes new evidence that implicates a man John believes to be innocent of the crime. Now, following his gut puts John on the wrong side of the law. It also sends him back to a place he never thought he’d go again…home.

6. Lucky Guess
One strange occurrence can challenge everything you thought you knew. When a woman Lucky John barely knows calls him and asks for help right before the phone goes out, he’s left with a set of very mysterious circumstances to unravel. It turns out that, while investigating a series of disappearances tied to a prominent psychic medium in Pismo Beach, Becca Ray went missing herself. Now Lucky John must head west, both to the Golden State and to the world of Oliver Black, the would be psychic medium at the center of all of us this. In a world where tarot cards tells people what to have for breakfast and people claim to be able to see dead loved ones, John has to find the truth amid a sea of deception. What he’ll uncover is stranger than any adventure he’s ever embarked on before, and when the dust settles, the truth will change everything forever…and not just for John.

7. Lucky Seven
One strange trip can put everything at risk. Coming back from a camping trip with his friends, Lucky John finds a strange woman has been murdered inside his house. When the identity of that woman is confirmed as a ‘fan’ of his, Lucky takes it upon himself to figure out exactly what happened to the ill fated female. What he finds is a twisty, turning case that flicks him all the way up to Atlantic City, where the only thing more dangerous than the casinos are the people who run them. With a Texas Ranger who has a deep connection to Mia tailing him, Lucky will find the truth of all of this to be way more explosive and closer to home than he ever imagined.

8. Lucky Bastard
One wild night can change your entire life. When Charlotte returns, ready to come clean about her secret, it completely changes Lucky’s world. Inside that blue bassinet holds a life that will alter Lucky’s own life forever. But what does that mean for him and Mia, and what will he do when it turns out Charlotte hasn’t been completely honest with him? As if that wasn’t enough, a wayward hitchhiker, a body in a bank truck, and a new mother being tossed from a moving vehicle right onto his windshield will put Lucky in a situation he might not make it out of.

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