Lunatic’s Game by Margaret Lashley

Lunatic's Game

Lunatic’s Game by Margaret Lashley (The Drex Files Book 1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 363 Kb

Lunatic’s Game : The Truth is Out There. I Mean Really, Really Out There.
Does the universe hold us responsible for what we order from late-night TV after downing half a bottle of vodka?
Apparently so.
Stuck in a dead-end job in a dead-end town, Bobbie Drex is even stuck in a dead man’s shoes—until a fateful gunshot sends her life bulleting from mundane to insane in no time flat.
Apparitions. Weird phone calls. Red eyes following her.
If that weren’t crazy enough, a weird, wisecracking stranger washes up on her doorstep. Hell bent on a bizarre mission, he sends Bobbie’s life plummeting even further off the rails.
She’d yearned for a new career. But chasing monsters? Really?
When the tables are turned and a creature sets its sights on Bobbie, she’s forced to figure out who the real lunatic is – the stranger or herself.
The Lunatic’s Game has begun….

“Anger boiled up inside me. “Over there, Earl. By the vending machine. In the black hoodie. That’s the guy who shot me!”

Earl shook his head like I was crazy. “That ain’t him.”

My eyes narrowed. “Yes it is. I’m sure of it. You weren’t there, Earl. You don’t know!”

Earl patted my shoulder. “I’m telling you, Bobbie, that ain’t him.”

My jaw tensed. “Don’t tell me what I know! I guess I’m gonna have to run him down all by myself. Geez! I always have to do everything. Get out of my way!”

I took a step toward the guy and blanched. He was gone.

“Dammit! Where did he go?” I took another step, but Earl caught me by the arm and spun me around.

“Stop it, Bobbie.”

“Let go of me!” I tugged against my cousin’s bear-claw grip. “We’ve got to go after him!”

Earl looked me in the eye. “Hold your horses, Cuz. I’m telling you, I’m a hundred percent sure whoever you saw wasn’t the kid who shot you.”

I glared at my cousin. Only a man could be a hundred percent sure of anything.

“How can you say that?” I hissed.”

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