Mad City by Victor Vahl

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Mad City by Victor Vahl
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| MOBI reader | 1.3 MB

And with the creation of mechanically alterable drugs that can treat any disease – M.A.D -, New Manhattan was forever changed.

Isaac Sage, the heir to the Sage Foundation that created M.A.D, meets a dramatic change in 2007 when his parents, along with the company, are destroyed in a fiery explosion. Sage Foundation is no more. Since the incident, several have smuggled M.A.D over the years, mutating it to the point of producing variants with random, horrific effects.

Fifteen years later, after a home invasion that nearly kills Isaac, he discovers a clue possibly leading to the truth of who killed his parents -and destroyed their company years ago- igniting a quest for revenge.

Detective John Saint is hot on the trail of the drug cartel’s massive growth within the city of New Manhattan, seeking to bring justice he has not seen in years. Diablo, head of the cartel, is wary of both their sudden appearances, aiming to reach for the top of his dream empire.

In a dramatic, thriller journey over who is willing to put everything on the line, Isaac takes to the cities of New Manhattan under the guise of a vigilante, pursuing his personal vendetta while affecting the lives of his friends Kara, Todd and Rosemary.

Something has awakened inside of Isaac: showing his true potential, and possibly the greatest of his inner demons.

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