Mad World by Michael Evans

Mad World

Mad World by Michael Evans (World Gone Mad Book 1)
English | 2020 | Apocalyptic| ePUB | 2.7 MB

A new kind of apocalypse is here…
He thought he was saving the world. Instead, he destroyed it.
Meet the man who created the apocalypse.
In an act of betrayal, Ryder releases a secret DARPA technology from a government lab in Washington D.C. After years of compulsive gambling, his addiction had finally caught up with him, and selling the technology was his only hope at saving his marriage to his wife, Amy, and preventing his family’s financial ruin.
Instead, disaster strikes.
A super EMP cripples the nation’s power grid. Drones bomb major cities all over the globe. And as millions perish in a world gone mad, Ryder Shaw, a Marine and DARPA scientist, is left to survive and fix a broken world that he created while fighting for the lives of the people he loves.

The first time the Chimera Cube collided with the public, it almost destroyed humanity for good.

Luckily, it was saved just in time, but not before hundreds of millions of lives were ruined. In the wake of that disaster, with the United States government firmly in control of the technology, they decided to hide it away and save it for a time of desperation such as a global famine or alien invasion.

After over a decade more of it being locked away, it had been Ryder’s job along with a number of other DARPA scientists to research into its full range of capabilities and develop plans about how it could potentially be implemented into society in the future.

Ryder’s discoveries had been nothing short of spectacular.

The Chimera Cube was capable of manipulating subatomic particles, thus allowing for the formation of materials at an atomically precise scale. In practice, the cube was meant to be a nanofabrication machine, a cube-shaped factory about the size of a large watermelon that was capable of producing self-replicating nanorobots. And these nanorobots represent a technology so advanced that it was indistinguishable from magic.

They could monitor the bloodstreams of humans, eliminate tumors before they arose, and constantly repair cellular damage to keep one from ever aging or growing sick. The same nanorobots were also capable of self-replicating in perpetuity, along with trillions upon trillions of the tiny microscopic devices to manipulate individual atoms and build complex molecules at the blink of an eye. With this process scaled up, the Chimera Cube at just the touch of a button was able to create more wealth from oxygen molecules alone than had ever been created in human history.

Overnight, the cube could solve the problems of wealth inequality, render humans free from sickness, and give unlimited food, water, and other goods to nearly every person on the planet.

For years, Ryder had fought to release the technology in hopes that it could save the hundreds of millions of people who suffered each day from feeling needles pain. He was tired of hearing the sorry excuses from his boss, Hunter, that it would destroy the world if released. He was even more exhausted of the laborious lectures he frequently received from members of the Senate. They believed that if the general public had knowledge of such a device existing, that the social order would collapse and the desire of people to work and to even be law-abiding citizens would fade away instantaneously.

Now, they weren’t all just evil people.

Ryder knew they had a point.

Ryder knew better than anyone that if released into the wrong hands, the Chimera Cube could become a device of endless war and destruction. It could be used to wipe out the human race with ease.

That was why he never released it out into the world himself. Over the years, he had worked hard to become a senior member of the DARPA research facility, and one of very few people who had enough power and knowledge to take the cube into his own hands.

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