Magic Thief by C.C. Sommerly

Magic Thief

Magic Thief by C.C. Sommerly (Croft and Sterling Paranormal PI Agency – Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Stolen magical artifacts, missing girls, and a hot partner I don’t want, what could possibly go wrong?
Paranormal Private Investigator (PI), Rayne Martin races against the clock to solve a case that is becoming more complicated by the moment. What started as a simple missing grimoire and stolen ancestral necklace has now morphed Into a potentially debilitating new reality for magic users.
Now, young women are missing. Others are turning up stripped of their magic and raving about monsters. Stealing magic once seemed inconceivable, but it is now a very real threat. It’s up to Marty to find out who is stealing magic.
Just when she has things in-hand, a partner is forced on her. Marty never learned to work well with others, so this is the last thing she wants. He is a straight play-by-the-rules guy. There is no rule she wouldn’t break. If they can’t learn to work together, then they will fail.
When her closest friend is taken, time is running out for Marty and Lochlan to crack the case. If they can’t find the magic thief, there may be nothing left of Marty’s friend to recover.

I heard his slightly muffled footsteps and smelled his body odor – my only warning before he attacked me. But, I was in the mood to fight, so I’d wait to see how this played out. I felt the tip of the sword pressing against my back and froze.

“Your money and valuables. Now!” said the man behind me.

How to handle this? Damsel in distress, who pleads for her life or dumb human accidentally wandering the Demon Realm?

“Are you daft? I’ll chop you to bits and take what I want,” he said.

I wasn’t going with either approach I considered. Instead, I swiveled to face him at the same time that I drew out my sword. Even in the dim light I could see the surprise on the demon’s face.

“You were saying?” I asked.

“Nothing, I made a mistake.”

And then he rushed me. I had him on the ground just as quickly as he attacked. They just got dumber and dumber. Even a lesser demon should have known jumping me was equivalent to a suicide mission. Anyone with any sense could tell a street fighter from a non-fighter by the way they moved. He was only living because I didn’t want to bother dealing with a dead body.

He squirmed on the ground.

I’m not letting him off so easily.

I kicked him until he stopped squirming. Now, fear and shock filled his face and he started to beg.

“Just let me go. I swear, I won’t do it again.”

“Sure you won’t.”

The few lights in the buildings around us went out, but I had no doubt that every inhabitant was watching. They wouldn’t get involved. Survival of the fittest held rein here. And, if I let one demon get one over on me, the rest would think I was an easy target.

With a final, swift kick of my boot, the wannabe mugger whimpered. I gagged at the smell of shit. I hated it when they did that – it was such an appetite killer. And breaking in a good pair of boots was a pain. It had taken months to get these babies just right and now they were covered in eau de feces.

He rolled into a protective ball and was so pathetic that I stopped my assault.

“I’d kill you, but it will leave a mess and I’m in a hurry.”

I rolled my eyes and straightened my shoulders. I walked away from the trembling crap-covered demon laying on the ground. I shouldn’t have taken out my frustration on the demon for my failed mission. When he jumped me, my temper was on a razor’s edge. After hours walking these streets and coming up empty I was done with this place.

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