Magic Thief by D.N. Hoxa

Magic Thief

Magic Thief by D.N. Hoxa (The New York Shade Book 1)
English | 2020 |Fantasy| ePUB | 3.9 MB

Welcome to the New York Shade!
We’ve got the stuff made out of dreams in this little slice of Hell on Earth. We’ve also got the stuff made out of nightmares.
My name is Sin Montero–hellbeast mercenary, professional liar, and your guide.
Supernaturals are free to be who they are in the Shade. That’s the point of its existence–just not for me. I’ve spent my whole life lying about what I am, until it all comes crashing down on me with a single bite. Turns out, my blood can’t tell lies, not to a vampire.
Damian Reed is achingly beautiful the way a lion is breathtaking–right until he rips your throat out. He claims my baby brother is in trouble, and if I don’t help him find what he’s looking for, he’s going to turn me in to the authorities.
Now that’s a big problem for me. You see, if the Sacri Guild caught wind of what I truly am, they would kill me without hesitation. And if I do what Damian Reed asks, there’s a good chance I’ll die in the process.
So many great options, right?
But here’s a little secret: I’m not as helpless as I let people think. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, and a crazy familiar who may or may not really be a squirrel. My brother’s life is on the line so I’ll take my chances with the vampire. Let’s just hope I survive him with my head–and my heart–intact.

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