Magic Touch by Jayda Marx

Magic Touch

Magic Touch by Jayda Marx
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Indigo has a charmed life; he lives in a village with the other mages in his coven and is surrounded by family and friends. The only thing he’s missing is someone to share his life with. For weeks, a door has appeared to Indigo in his dreams. Every time he looks upon it, he’s engulfed by the feeling that it contains something life changing; that everything he desires is kept from him by two inches of wood. He tries everything to open it, from enchantments to brute force, but it stands firm. After nights of torment, the door finally opens, revealing to Indigo the most stunning man he’s ever seen. He’s both comforted and vitalized by his presence, and knows without a doubt that the man is his beloved; his match hand-picked by Fate. But his mate is human, which is unheard of in his magical world. Could the vision be a ruse, or a dream come true?

Puck has spent his whole life bouncing from one foster home to the next. He feels like a nobody from nowhere because he’s never stayed in one place long enough to form lasting friendships. Being the lonely, awkward gay kid made him an easy target growing up, and he’s carried his mistrust and insecurities into adulthood. One night, a man appears to him in a dream and fills him with emotions he’s never felt; comfort, acceptance, and love. When his dream man appears at his doorstep to whisk him away, could it all be a trick, or the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime?

I took a deep breath before answering, “He’s human.” Both of my parents’ eyes widened, but they didn’t speak. “I don’t know his name, but I saw his face, and he’s stunning. He lives in Warren and it is my intention to travel there to meet him. I ask for your blessing to bring him into our land, which will be necessary for our bonding.”

My father scrubbed a hand roughly over his face, but Mother was the first to speak. “Tell me about your premonition.” I went into detail about the door and how I felt during my dream as she nodded along thoughtfully. When I finished, she leaned back and combed her fingers through her long auburn hair, her dark eyes fixed on the table before her. I knew my mother and that she was choosing her words carefully.

“Doors in dreams can be tricky,” she said finally. She raised her gaze to meet mine, and there was uncertainty behind her eyes. “They can represent opportunities and new beginnings, but also secrecy and harm. We can’t ignore the fact that this man was hidden from you for so long; what if the reason was protection? I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but we must take into consideration that this could be a trap; a ruse to lure you out of the safety of our land.”

My heart fell to my stomach. I knew deep in my soul that my dream man and his intentions were only pure, but I had nothing to corroborate that except for gut instinct. The rulings of the High Priest and Priestess were absolute, and must be followed. I swallowed hard and asked, “So I do not have your blessing, then?”

“If this man is your mate, we would never keep you from him,” my father replied, and I breathed a sigh of relief. “But we must be cautious with the situation. A mage/human bond is unheard of, and we need to ensure this isn’t a ruse, as your mother said. You’re too young to have seen the trials of our people, but we’ve lived through them, and know nothing is impossible.”

I was only twenty nine years old, which was young even in human years. All mages knew of the history of our people, and the struggle they’d been through by the hand of humans as well as other mages. But my parents had been on the Earth for several centuries and witnessed everything first hand, so I understood their concerns.

They looked at each other, and I knew they were having a silent mental conversation. They’d perfected it over the years, as was the way with many bonded pairs. After a couple of minutes, they nodded and turned their attention to me.

“You may travel to Warren,” my mother began. She held up a hand when I opened my mouth to thank her. “But there will be conditions. This will be a scouting visit only. You may seek out the man you believe to be your mate, but you may not make contact with him. You are to follow him and gather as much information about him as possible, and then bring that information back to us so that we may make our final verdict.”

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