Magic Unseen by J.S. Diaz

Magic Unseen by J.S. Diaz (Exile Academy #1)
English | 2020| Young Adult | Fantasy | LGBT| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Apparently, magic is a thing. Not the wand and cape kind, but the thunderstorm causing when you’re in a bad mood kind of magic.

There I was, turning eighteen, about to age out of the system, when a stranger showed up with an offer: Go and join other people like me or continue living my sad little life. With nothing to lose, he had me at other people like me.

So, I’m here in middle of nowhere Alaska learning to control my powers at a place dubbed Exile Academy. I’m navigating a competitive new world, but at least I’ve made friends with a Death Walker and a Diviner. The jury is still out on whether my romantic entanglement with a tough girl Transmute is a good idea.

The more I learn about our history, the more I realize they aren’t telling us everything. Why did our ancestors leave our homeland? Was it really a natural disaster that scattered them or something more?

Now that I’ve scratched the surface, there’s no way I’m going to stop digging until I find the truth, not even when my life is threatened. With the help of new friends and rivals alike, its time we shed some light on the secrets lurking beneath the surface. You’ll never believe what we uncovered. . . .

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