Magi’s Path by Daniel Schinhofen

 Magi's Path

Magi’s Path (Aether’s Revival #3) by Daniel Schinhofen
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 3.0

Just an average guy. No seriously that is all I am. Okay fine I love RPG’s, video games and similar things. Yes that includes LITRPG’s, why wouldn’t it. I write because I enjoy it, when I found out about the genre of LITRPG my mind exploded with ideas. I hope you enjoy my work.

Nearly everything in Gregory’s life had changed by the end of his first year at the academy. Alone at the start of his novice year, he’d gotten engaged to Yukiko Warlin and found a friend in Jenn Bean by the time the annual tournament was over.

The three of them went on to join Aether’s Guard, bringing the name of the nearly dead clan back to life. Elder Lightshield, the leader of Aether’s Guard, gave them his support and backing and Magus Dia guided them. Their training with Armsmaster Gin continued, offering a safe haven and helping to shield them from the worst tribulations that academy life could bring.

Nothing is perfect, though. Gregory, Yukiko, and Jenn had also made enemies, and faced resentment and anger from the Eternal Flame clan more than once. Weathering the troubles that Nick Shun and his friends tried to bring down on them, the three magi rose to ever greater heights.

Gregory’s second tournament included the unexpected, but welcome, arrival of Carmichael Pettit, as well as a mysterious bet between Jenn and Yukiko. At the end of the tournament, Jenn had bested Yukiko and Gregory, and the three of them held three of the top four places.

With both of their families in attendance, Gregory and Yukiko wed after the tournament. The newlywed couple would face the academy and the world as one, and with their friends and their clan, they would strive to be at the pinnacle of their class once more.

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