Manifesting Shadow by Church K. Calvert (ePUB)(MOBI)

Manifesting Shadow by Church K. Calvert

English | 2017 | Mystery/Thriller | Series: N/A | 923 KB

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After enduring years of confinement in a mental institution, Danielle Blake’s new doctor attempts to convince her to come to terms with her mental illness, and deny the supernatural phenomena she claims to have experienced. Her doctor devotes her sessions to reliving Danielle’s past trauma encapsulated in her journal. Danielle hesitates to divulge the dark times she has not only endured, but also inflicted on the people she loved. She never intended to hurt anyone. As she looks deeper into her past, she wonders more of what has become of her family since she abandoned them, and where was Peyton?

The tragic love for Peyton Danielle desperately clung to was stripped away as Danielle’s dark side began to take control. Danielle once believed she had the supernatural ability to restore life and extinguish it. Now, she tries to convince not only her doctor but herself as well, that the memories in her head are real. However, when she is confronted with an alternate truth at every turn, her grip on reality begins to waver. Did it all happen, or is it like the doctors have been saying all these years; that her memories are merely a manifestation of her illness?