Marah Chase and the Fountain of Youth by Jay Stringer

Marah Chase and the Fountain of Youth

Marah Chase and the Fountain of Youth by Jay Stringer
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 5.0 MB

Jay Stringer was born in Walsall, West Midlands. He would like everyone to know hes not dead yet. He is a Hi-Tech Low-Life, who currently lives in Glasgow.

He has worked in the usual variety of jobs that leads to becoming a writer, including spells as a Zoo Keeper, Bookseller and Call Centre Lackey. His work is a mixture of urban crime, mystery and social fiction, for which he coined the phrase social pulp fiction. In another life he may have been a journalist, but people tell you more secrets if you talk to them as a crime writer.

Jay is dyslexic, and comes to the printed word as a second language. One day he hopes to master it. But he also likes to call himself Chief and El Jefe, so make of that what you will.

Adventurer Marah Chase can’t resist one last globe-trotting quest to rescue a friend and discover a legendary locale.

Marah Chase has everything she wanted. Her academic career is back on track, she’s moved into a Manhattan apartment, and a dream job is waiting at the American Museum of Natural History. So why can’t she seem to stop slipping into her old ways, traveling the world in search of lost relics and buried treasure?

Back out in the field, Chase finds the lost Ark of the Covenant, a discovery that could trigger a holy war, as religions and nations argue over ownership of the sacred item. The Ark also brings Chase into conflict with another legendary relic runner, August Nash, a clash the entire underground smuggling community has been waiting for, and not one that will end anytime soon.

Upon returning home, Chase is hired by US soda billionaire Lauren Stanford to find the Fountain of Youth. At first, Chase dismisses this idea. But then Stanford tells her that an old friend found some information on the Fountain’s location and is now missing. Chase agrees to take the job-but only to find her friend-and enlists allies along the way on a trail from New York to London, and then on to Glasgow. Behind the myth, they find, lies a much older secret, and now they’re in a race to find the Fountain ahead of Nash and his nefarious cohorts. Whoever gets there first will have control over the future of humanity.

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