Marine: The Last Empire by Nick S. Thomas

Marine: The Last Empire

Marine: The Last Empire by Nick S. Thomas
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 179 Kb

Marine: The Last Empire : Newly appointed Marine Lieutenant Joey King is about to embark on his first off world posting to the frontier planet Rhamprox. What should be a simple start to his career is about to erupt into war. It’s a scorching hot barren world inhabited by a hardy and strong-willed people disparagingly known as Prians, many of whom serve the Empire as native troops to fight those who resist. The young officer must not just gain the respect of his superiors, but also the unruly soldiers now under his command.

King set out to find adventure, but he’s about to discover how harsh life can be on the frontier. The Pritoris Empire is the largest the universe has ever known. Wealthy, powerful, and far-reaching. Perhaps a little too far-reaching. Violent insurgents resist the Empire, and rumblings of mutiny and war echo through the ranks. King will soon find himself fighting a desperate battle to survive.

“Sergeant, are we expecting a fight?” Sandu, the Naider of the squad, the Rhepoy equivalent of a Corporal asked.

He was eager to please, although those beside him didn’t seem to share his enthusiasm.

“We don’t know what to expect. This should be nothing more than a routine mission to re-establish communication. As you know, weather conditions on the surface can lead to equipment failure and signal loss for all sorts of reasons. We had reports of a sandstorm in the area. That could be it, but be ready for anything. Questions?” He wasn’t expecting or wanted to have to answer any, and so paused for a second before barking his orders, “Load up. Move out!”

Sandu led one fireteam into the Otter beside them, while he led the other to another vehicle ahead of it. He slipped his hand into the handle of the side door and pulled it open by hand. Like everything else on the Otters, it was simple tech, but reliable. He stepped inside and climbed into the driver’s seat. The cockpit like field of vision gave a near one-hundred-and-eighty-degree view ahead. He hit a few buttons on the console before him.

“Sandu, you ready to roll?”

“Affirmative, Sergeant,” his voice rang out from a speaker above Stone.”

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