Mark of Destiny by KT Webb

Mark of Destiny

Mark of Destiny by KT Webb
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB |1.1 Mb

Mark of Destiny: What Does It Take To Make A Kingdom Fall? Honor. Legacy. Magic.

Wild magic courses through the citizens of Alderwood—guiding them, protecting them. At the age of sixteen, the wild magic is used to mark each citizen, revealing their destiny. But the same magic that brings life to their world may be the very thing that destroys them.

Honor never expected her mark to depict a dark future of murder and betrayal. Nor did she anticipate being somehow connected to the despicable, seemingly immortal, King Junius. But when the neighboring village is slaughtered, bringing the King’s ruthless army to her camp in the Ternion Forest, Honor is forced to face what destiny has in store.

Now, Honor finds herself on a quest set in place long ago by a woman who is more than what she seems. Along the way, Honor learns the truth about her bloodline and what her mark truly means for her destiny and the fate of Alderwood. The fate of three kingdoms rests on her shoulders. Will she be strong enough to stay the course and fulfill the dark destiny prophesied by the mark? Or will she give in to the darkness that tempts her every step of the way?

“Oy! How far are we from Milltown? I am starving.” The man did not look like he had gone hungry a day in his life. The black jacket signifying him as a Makt soldier strained to keep his girth from bursting out.

“Calm yerself, Ulrich. We’ll be there in no time,” his much taller partner replied. He was taller and considerably thinner. His lanky limbs seemed to swing of their own accord; he reminded Honor of an ape.

“That’s what you said this morning. I still do not see why we could not bring the horses.”

It was a good thing Honor had hidden herself when she had. The green uniforms, black boots, and silver cording that decorated their shoulders told her exactly who they were. While they were clearly not high-ranking officials, the men were soldiers. Two of the countless members of the Makt, the ruthless militia that maimed and killed in the name of their king. To be honest, they never really needed a reason to perform the horrific deeds they were famous for, but it gave them an excuse just the same.

King Junius was a terrible man. Honor had never met a single person in Alderwood who liked their monarch, let alone anyone who could ever find it in themselves to love him. He never married, he never produced an heir, and he never left the castle. “

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