Mark of Salem by Jodie Szarmach

Mark of Salem

Mark of Salem by Jodie Szarmach (Seeking Salem Book 1)
English | 2019 | fantasy | ePUB | 288 Kb

Mark of Salem : “I never thought my coven would turn their backs on me, I never thought I’d lose the only family I ever knew…”
Born to the darkest witch bloodline to ever step foot in Louisiana, Salem Barrow is one of the most hated witches in the French Quarter. She’s marked by the Goddess, Albina. Only she doesn’t know.
As the saying goes, a clueless witch is a dangerous witch; And clueless is exactly what Salem Barrow was. Betrayal has snatched Salem from her family, but she isn’t completely alone.
With the help of two familiars, a fellow warlock, a hellhound, and a shadow walker, Salem taps into her dark heritage to exact revenge on those who have turned against her. Now, it’s up to these men to keep her from burning New Orleans to the ground in her thirst for vengeance.

“No, he’d make an example out of her… unless…unless he had a part in it.

Evanora’s hand flew up and Gideon shrank back into the shadows. The motion silenced all five witches at once as her magic stole the precious oxygen from their very throats. Darcella’s hand flew up to her neck, clawing at it as raw panic gripped her. It wasn’t the first time Evanora had used this scare tactic to bully her coven members into doing what she wanted and even fighting it only tightened the strangulating hold. Truth was, everyone wanted to live and when their life was being threatened, they would do anything to make the threat cease. Gideon was no stranger to the effective method.

Evanora’s magic lessened its hold as she started to speak again. “I will not ask for silence again. This is your only warning, do not cross me. My sole purpose is to watch out for this coven and make sure all of you are safe.” She let her hold fall entirely, her face emotionless as she watched the women hunch forward and clutch their bruised throats as they tried to suck in fresh air. “My decision is final and I have already spoken to the High Priest. He has agreed to let us take Salem’s life, because she is the rightful heir of the Lurid throne. Something you all should have remembered. His hands look dirty if he pulls the trigger.”

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